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Plan, launch, and grow your startup, all in one place

Startup OS is the fastest, easiest, and most organized way to plan, launch and grow your startup using Notion.

πŸ”‘ Why Startup OS?


The Problem

Building a startup ground-up is messy. Your business is scattered acrossΒ multiple Google accounts, 10's files and a million apps


The Solution

One singleΒ bulletproofΒ workspace that is built especially for founders/founding teams. Startup OS takes care of the process and supports you with everything you need in your journey

As a Founder, you need to have a solid workflow from DAY ONE and have an OPERATING SYSTEM for everything from product to strategy to operation and funding!

- Operating system to launch an MVP and full product

- Operating system to do pre-launch, launch and post-launch marketing & manage KPIs and Metrics

- Operating system for talent sourcing

- Operating system for applying for financials and funding

- Operating system to have potential customers to sell to

+ many more!

With Startup OS, everything is set from day one 😎

πŸ€” How does Startup OS work?

Simple. Startup OS is a process-based approach to building and growing your startup. Each template helps you to move ahead with your startup journey!

Plan + Build

Got a big idea? It's now time to turn it into a profitable startup

  • Build your business model

  • Understand your goals and objectives

  • Build your company profile

  • Complete your value proposition canvas

  • What are your primary OKRs?

  • Build your team


From launching your product to launching on PH, we've got you covered

  • Get ready to conquer the world

  • Website launch plan

  • Launch path for Product Hunt

  • Your GTM + Marketing strategy

  • Roadmap + Feedback loop


All the activities you'll ever need to grow your startup. Ready to be executed

  • Build your funding strategy

  • Build your investor CRM

  • Pitch deck builder (one minute, 3 minute, long version)

  • Manage all financials in one place

  • Setup your team structure

+ Many more

  • Based on validated and constantly improvising process

  • Designed to focus on priority tasks first and rest in your downtime

  • well structured workspace with linked databases

  • Simple formulae to get the financials right

  • Collaboration friendly + leverage on Notion's superpowers

πŸ” A closer look at what's inside

Spend your time growing your startup not searching for templates!

Startup OS is supercharged with all templates you need to help you stay organized while building the next big thingπŸ“Š



Bulletproof workspace


60 +

Custom Templates


102 +

Linked Databases


200 +

Curated Resources


41 +


Who is Startup OS for?



Startup OS is the perfect tool to start a business idea. It has all the vital steps to take an idea to a business with a clear structure.


Founding Teams

Early-stage startups can replace 10's of all with everything you need from planning to managing to fundraising without burning bridges!


Product / Project Managers

Roadmaps, To-Dos and Sprint Plans, Timelines and Prioritised lists, we have it all to manage your project.

Power of your Bulletproof Workspace πŸ’₯

Stop wastingΒ time & moneyΒ switching between tools:

You waste your time and money when you chase the next shiny tool that comes out. Startup OS isn’t a new tool; this is a solid OS built inside Notion to be the only system you need to manage your business.

You can Integrate, Embed and Automate your Notion Workspace with virtually 2000+ SaaS platforms

+ up to $1000 credit if you qualify for Notion's Startup Program.


Get Startup OS

Validated, tested and loved by many entrepreneurs and early-stage startups. We won't ship anything if that doesn't support your startup journey. Promise! We've also bundled Startup OS with Founders' Book to learn + launch your startup!

Startup OS


Price in USD, taxes included.

πŸ”‘ Lifetime access

πŸ“’ 62+ Ready-to-use templates

✏️ Pre-filled & clean templates

πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€βœˆοΈ Complete setup guide

πŸ›  200+ tools & resources

😍 1298+ Icons included

πŸ“ž Premium support

πŸ“¬ Unlimited future updates

Startup OS + Founders' Book


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πŸš€ Lifetime access to Startup OS and

Founders' Book

πŸ˜‡ Everything in Startup OS


πŸ“š Everything in Founders' Book

πŸ”‘ All future updates to Founders' Book

and Startup OS

Bundle and save $27

The Bundle


For the first year then $99/year. Price in USD, taxes included

πŸ’Έ Save up to $500k on startup

deals and credits


πŸ’Ό Everything in Founders' Book +

Startup OS

πŸ”‘ Access to all future updates

Bundle and save $124

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