Yellow pages for first-time founders and early-stage startups.

#1 and only toolkit that gives you all you need to ideate, build, launch and scale your startup.

Chapters in Founders' Book

See what content do you get with Founders' Book.

Founders' Book is built to Educate, Encourage and Empower founders and startups and equip them with the best tools and resources.

1000+ tools

Find the right tools for your tool stack to build and scale your startup across 90+ categories across Founders' Book.

50+ canvases and worksheets

Industry-proven templates and startup best practices to find your niche and reach your potential.

2000+ articles and guides

From idea to MVP to scaling. All the growth hacks, learnings, how-to's to give you a headstart into the market.

106 Startup Ecosystems

" It takes an ecosystem to raise a successful startup", they say. Comprehensive list of resources in your startup ecosystem who can help you flush out your idea, mentor to be on the right track, assist with your development cycles, launch and raise capital.


Tiny guides

Complex concepts, Simplified. Tiny Guides on;

  • Product Management + Tool Landscape

  • UI/UX + Tools to enhance CX

  • Building beautiful landing pages

  • [MVP] Product Development Phases

  • Product Hunt Checklist

240+ tools to turn your passion into a business

Tools and platforms to monetise your passion and skills or earn extra cash on a side hustle.

80+ community-building tools

From building online communities, running virtual events, monetise newsletters and much more.

Founder Hub

Document your LifeOS - daily happenings, Eureka moments, and reflections on your goals. Categorize entries with tags and automatically capture the date.

1400+ Slack Communities

Startup and tech Slack communities to discuss, learn, share and create collective value.

30-day startup Playbook

30 tasks to an epic launch. A daily task plan to start and launch your business. #Onetaskaday

Startup deals & credits

70+ startup deals and credits either direct from the company or through other benefit platforms.

No-Code Tool Landscape

Find and discover no-code tools. A complete guide to the current no-code landscape, where it is heading, how can you leverage the value of no-code and much more!

No-Code cheatsheet

How to build products without needing a technical co-founder. Founder's guide to no-code development to build lean, launch quick and grow exponential.

Founders' Club

EXCLUSIVE access to the private community of Founders and Startups

🛠Receive daily resources and new tools 🤝Ask for help from fellow founders and learn from their experience 🎙 Pitch and promote your startup 🚀Share knowledge and grow together 👩🏻‍💻Survey potential customers and get feedback 🎪Join events and meet your local founders

Our Wall of Love

We are loved by founders, startups, innovation service providers, startup studios and more! We #Strive to add value to #Hustlers. See it yourself.

Founder's note

At Founders' Book, we believe Entrepreneurship and Startups give people who come from absolutely nothing a fair shot at generating life-changing events and wealth.

We personally bet on great entrepreneurs. Some startup ideas seem impossible in the hands of one founder but inevitable in the hands of others.

Founders' Book is a shoutout to all the entrepreneurs out there chasing their dreams and all of you inspire us!


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Without you, we’d never have been able to start or live these big dreams of ours.

Thank you.


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