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Product and Content updates, fixes and enhancements to Founders' Book

Product Marketing Templates - Simple Go-To-Market templates for startup and product teams. | Product Hunt

08th March 2023

Product Marketing Templates

Simple and easy-to-use product marketing + GTM templates for founders, early-stage startups and product teams.

Templates to easily create compelling product descriptions, create effective sales pitches, develop targeted marketing campaigns and build a wholesome product marketing strategy

What’s Inside?

πŸ“£ 10+ templates for building your product marketing strategy

No-Code App Development Spring - Build and launch your mobile app idea with No-Code πŸš€ | Product Hunt

11th November 2022

No-Code App Development Sprint

A simple framework of tasks and actions to turn your idea into a deployable app built with No-Code! AchieveπŸ’‘Idea β†’ πŸ“¦Β Product β†’ πŸš€Β Scale. Simply, No-Code App Development Sprint.

Product Tools - List of best tools to build, manage & ship better products. | Product Hunt

8th November 2022

Product Tools: Product Management Tool Stack

πŸ›  Find the best tools to build, manage and scale your product across 20+ categories.

πŸ— 160+ tools from ideation to feature prioritisation to super apps bring entire Product Management to one place.

Product Stuff - Easy to use Product Management and Mental Models Templates. | Product Hunt

27th October 2022

Product Stuff: Product Management + Mental Models Templates

Simple and easy-to-use templates and mental models (tools for better & systems thinking) for founders, early-stage startups and product teams.

26th October 2022

Customer Onboarding + Product Analytics

Educate, learn about and understand your users and customers.

What's Inside?

πŸ€” Customer Onboarding

πŸ“Š Product Analytics

SaaS Metrics + Calculator - Get your head around SaaS growth metrics πŸ“ˆ | Product Hunt

11th October 2022

SaaS Growth Metrics + Calculators

Simple definitions and calculators to get your head around SaaS and its growth metrics πŸ“ˆ

Notion Landing Page Template - Build a powerful landing page for your business using Notion | Product Hunt

21st September 2022

Notion Landing Page Template

Build a simple and functional landing page for your business using Notion. Notion Landing Page Template lets you build, test and validate your idea. It is also cost-effective with ZERO learning curve!

Product Hunt Launch Academy - Learn how to launch your product on Product Hunt | Product Hunt

15th September 2022

Product Hunt Launch Academy

Product Hunt is a community where founders, product enthusiasts, and geeks go to check out the best new products and get attention for the tech products that they've built. Simply, it is one place where you show off everything you create + build πŸš€

This is a simple collection of resources to succeed on your next BIG launch!

What's Inside?

πŸ“ˆ 30+ Curated resources on how to have a successful launch on Product Hunt

πŸ“Œ A simple checklist of tasks and actions to crush your launch!

😻 The best knowledge, learning, hacks and insider information from Twitter

Fundraising Questions - 120+ questions VCs will ask you and you can ask VCs | Product Hunt

27th July 2022

Startup Fundraising Checklist

Fundraising is hard especially if you've never gone through the process before. These questions will assist you in preparing for your journey ahead.

27th May 2022

Startup Fundraising Checklist

Raising money for your startup is hard. It always was and will be.

✏️ Fundraising checklist

❓ 20+ Common Questions VCs will ask Founders

πŸ‘Ž 18 Mistakes that kill startups

β˜‘οΈ The Complete Guide to Building a Winning Pitch Deck

Startup Cards - Startup jargon cardified and simplified | Product Hunt

20th May 2022

Startup Cards

Fun and easy way to learn startup jargon AKA unicorn language πŸ¦„

Fake-laughed at a business joke you didn't get? Or just curious to learn startup jargon? AKA Unicorn Language ** not maaah!! ** We have "cardified" all the most used terms in the startup world for you!

Includes both PDF and PNG versions

13th April 2022

Startup Credits + Deals

Access up to 500K in savings from 190+ of your favourite SaaS providers.

18th February 2022

Social Sharing

You can now share Founders' Book across your social media profiles.

11th February 2022

First 90 days at your startup

Now it is time to start building momentum and transform the loose collection of elements into a company.

When you start a company, not everything will be relevant to you. But it may be a helpful list to stop procrastinating and start building your company as well as your product.

+ Performance updates and content updates to "GTM and Pitch Deck Template" and "30-day Startup Playbook"

4th February 2022

Startup OS

One place to plan, build, launch and grow your startup. all in Notion.

30th January 2022

MVP Building Blocks + Launch Path

+ One-click product feedback and customer support!

Product Building Blocks

Collaborative and customisable Product and Productized Services building canvases from Idea to MVP and beyond.

Launch Path: Product launch checklist

A simple and actionable checklist for founders to launch their product, get the first 100 customers and beyond.

+ One-click product feedback and customer support πŸ₯³

Tools used: Chatra for chat/customer support and Emojics to collect user/product feedback.

2022: Year of growth πŸ“ˆ + Collaboration 🀝

8th December 2021

Founders' Book 2.0 Announcement πŸ₯³

Supporting venture building!

What's New?

🎁 Free plan (Intro of Entrepreneurship + Startup Cards)

😍 Updated landing page, our new home on the web!

πŸ–₯ Completely redesigned UI and enhanced UX

πŸ“± Every page is now super-optimised for mobile view

🀝 Support: you can now chat with me directly from the app

New Content!

πŸ“ˆ Startup financial modelling template

πŸ’‘ GTM planning and idea-early stage pitch deck template

🎴 Startup cards: fun and easy way to learn unicorn language

+ Major and minor performance improvements across the platform

Founders' Book 2.0 - World's largest library of tools and resources for founders | Product Hunt

5th August 2021

Founders' Book Launch πŸš€

World's largest collection of tools and resources for first-time founders and early-stage startups

What's on Founders' Book?

πŸ›  1000+ Tools and platforms across 90+ categories

πŸ“– 2000+ Articles and guides on different stages of startups, founder stories, best practice guides, growth hacks and many more

πŸ“’ Tiny guides on Product Management, UI/UX, Landing pages, MVP development and more

πŸ€– No-code Bible: All you need to know about the current no-code landscape, tools and capabilities

πŸ—“ 30-Day startup: One task a day to ideate, build your prototype and validate (launch in some cases) your startup

πŸ’Ό Founders’ Hub: Place to document all your work

βš™ ️Tools to support your side hustle and build online communities& a lot more!

& many more.

See our launch notes here


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