Product Hunt Launch Academy

A simple checklist of actionable tasks to launch your next product on Product Hunt. Launch 100x better!

Product Hunt is a community where founders, product enthusiasts, and geeks go to check out the best new products and get attention for the tech products that they've built. 

Simply, it is one place where you show off everything you create + build 🚀

Who is this for?


Founder and Startup Community

Founders and startup teams who are constantly building new features and product lines to support a wider tech and business community.


Creator Community

Creators/ Builders/ Maker and solopreneurs who identify a niche and provide an affordable and customer-centric solution to address the immediate needs of the niche.

Launch 100X better 🚀

30+ Curated resources on how to have a successful launch on Product Hunt 📈

Product Hunt Launch Checklist 📌

A simple checklist of tasks and actions to crush your launch!

✏️ Pre-Launch

Create your personal Product Hunt account
Engage in community discussions
Find a Hunter
Ask all your team members to create a product hunt account
Be active in maker/startup communities
Add your product to the Indie Hackers community
Choose your launch day
Choose a launch time depending on your time zone
Schedule your launch
Join relevant Facebook/Slack groups for your product
Get your website ready
Prepare social media posts to announce your launch
Create a waiting list for your product and collect emails
Import your Linkedin contacts and add them to your database for the launch day
Promotion / Launch day offer
Clear the launch day for your customer success team

📌 Launch Day

Let your subscribers know about the BIG day
Asking your sincere friends to leave a comment/review
Get early votes as soon as you launch
Answer all your launch comments ASAP
Announce your launch in the different founder/startup communities.
Update your website with a banner and add the PH Badge
Share your PH progress on social media at intervals throughout the day
Keep an eye out for mentions on social media and engage with them

📈 Post-Launch

Analyse your launch metrics
Share your results and learnings with your users and followers
Write a blog post
Add your product to Product Hunt collections
Add your product as an alternative to similar products on Product Hunt
A more detailed blog post about your product hunt experience

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