Product Hunt Launch Academy

A simple checklist of actionable tasks to launch your next product on Product Hunt. Launch 100x better!

Product Hunt is a community where founders, product enthusiasts, and geeks go to check out the best new products and get attention for the tech products that they've built. 

Simply, it is one place where you show off everything you create + build 🚀

Who is this for?


Founder and Startup Community

Founders and startup teams who are constantly building new features and product lines to support a wider tech and business community.


Creator Community

Creators/ Builders/ Maker and solopreneurs who identify a niche and provide an affordable and customer-centric solution to address the immediate needs of the niche.

Launch 100X better 🚀

30+ Curated resources on how to have a successful launch on Product Hunt 📈

What we did to get Typedream #1 Product of the Day on ProductHunt

The strategies we took before, during, and after the launch.

What People Don’t Tell You About Launching on Product Hunt

Behind-the-scenes work and finishing in #5

Ultimate Product Hunt launch guide - Learnings from over 10 launches

Experience, tips and tricks for a successful product hunt launch. This includes over 10 launches in the last 12 months, all of which were successful. In fact, we collected over +6800 upvotes

Things Learned After Publishing 16 Projects on Product Hunt

Sharing my experience and lessons learned after making and launching 20 products on Product Hunt and winning 2nd place in Golden Kitty Awards.

The ultimate guide to launching on Product Hunt

Product Hunt is the ultimate place where entrepreneurs go to launch their products to an audience of passionate techies.

The Product Hunt Launch Guide: 40+ Things You Need to Know

Launching a new tech product or startup isn't exactly a walk in the park. Every new product must overcome a litany of challenges, with arguably the biggest one being finding and connecting with a relevant audience.

The Complete Product Hunt Launch Blueprint

Tips, hacks, and strategy advice about a successful Product Hunt launch. Learn how to drive more traffic to your product.

Product Hunt Campaign Insides: Traffic, Signups, Sales

Sharing the results of the launch week: traffic, signups, and revenue.

Product Hunt 101: How To Launch Your Product From Early Idea To Revenue

The Step-by-Step Process of How I Launched History Search on Product Hunt and Got 1000 Sign-Ups in 2 Days

My Product Hunt launch: what worked and what didn't

The launch finished with over 250 upvotes, 39 comments, and #5 Product of the Day. It generated close to 1000 visits, over 70 sign-ups, and 6 paying customers.

Launch on Product Hunt

Product Hunt commands a huge audience that can't be ignored. Although it's lost some of its original spark and isn't as engaged as it once was, it's still a vibrant community with the potential for a positive outcome. Product Hunt is an experiment with positive asymmetry — the reward far outweighs the risk. More specifically, there's virtually no risk and there's potential for a great outcome with traffic, customers, and ongoing discoverability.

Juphy Is the #1 Most Commented Tool in Product Hunt

How we managed to become the most commented product ever in Product Hunt’s “Communication Tools” category!

How we got to #1 Product of the Day - luck or hard work?

We launched the first-ever version of Softr  on Product Hunt on August 25th, the world’s most popular new product community, and ranked at the top #1 Product of the Day (2 of the Week).

How we got featured on Product Hunt with just 2 days of prep?

Product Hunt is the best channel for getting traffic, press, users, and feedback for your products. It's the main search engine for discovering the newest inventions in tech.

How we got 1000+ upvotes in Product Hunt

Our story about our launch on Product Hunt

How we got +1000 upvotes on Product Hunt by curating a checklist from +50 successful launches.

I analyzed +50 successful launches on Product Hunt, 20 Days later I participated in getting Startup Patterns +1000 Upvotes outranking Spotify Daily & Mavic Pro. And this is what I did to get there and the patterns I found.

How we failed to get in top #5 on Product Hunt

This is the story of a failure, in quotes, and what we learnt from our first experience launching on Product Hunt the SaaS we have been developing for a year and a half.

How to Successfully Launch on Product Hunt… on the Same Day As Your Competitor

How to successfully launch on Product Hunt. It’s almost like the obligatory final step for any product release. But Product Hunt is a deceptively complex game that is best figured out through trial and error so there’s a lot to be shared.

How to maximize the chances you’ll get #1 Product of the Day on your ProductHunt launch

Around 15-20 products launch on Product Hunt every single day, only one gets the coveted “Product of the Day” position.

How To Launch Your SaaS Start-up On Product Hunt

There are plenty of "How To Launch On Product Hunt" guides already out there, and I've devoured most of them at this point. My first piece of advice is to take it straight from the horse's mouth - Product Hunt has published two guides on the topic themselves.

How to Launch on Product Hunt 🚀

The complete guide will answer common questions, dispel myths, and share best practices for your launch.

How to get featured on Product Hunt

Everyone dreams of making it to the front page of Product Hunt. It’s a chance to show off your creation to thousands of tech enthusiasts.

How Superside Achieved 500% Growth from Product Hunt

How we achieved 500% growth from our launches on Product Hunt and Hacker News

How not to launch on Product Hunt (and lessons from our successful launch)

More than 850 upvotes, more than 100 comments, featured twice on the official Twitter account and in the daily and weekly newsletters too.

How I was #1 on Product Hunt for18 hours, and then finished 2nd

This is the story of how I was #1 from start to finish, take away the "finish".

How I Launched My First Product on Product Hunt and Got My First Paying Customer

If you are an Indie Hacker like me, you will know the excitement of launching the product on ProductHunt. let me share my experience on launching my first product on ProductHunt and how it ended up as 2 Product of the Day.

How I got 2,000 new subscribers from Product Hunt

How we received more than 1,500 upvotes, were voted Product of the Week, and my email list zoomed from 1,300 to 3,300 in the space of 72 hours.

How a 15-minute hack got me into the Product Hunt Top 5

Our Product Hunt launch from my last update reached the site’s coveted Top 5 products, landing us in Product Hunt’s daily newsletter. It also earned Hyperlink three separate tweets from Product Hunt’s founder Ryan Hoover

Bootstrapped Stories: How to launch on Product Hunt

Want to launch your product on Product Hunt and get maximum exposure?

20+ Product Hunt Post-launch Tips

Just launching your project on Product Hunt is not enough, you need to get people to upvote, engage, and talk about the launch. You need to create a buzz!!!

10 Mistakes To Avoid During Your Product Hunt Launch

The biggest benefit of launching on Product Hunt is how close-knit and helpful the community is — engagement is key

7 Essential Steps to Crushing it on ProductHunt

There’s only one place you go to announce your new tech product or web service these days. It’s ProductHunt.

Product Hunt Launch Checklist 📌

A simple checklist of tasks and actions to crush your launch!

✏️ Pre-Launch

Create your personal Product Hunt account
Engage in community discussions
Find a Hunter
Ask all your team members to create a product hunt account
Be active in maker/startup communities
Add your product to the Indie Hackers community
Choose your launch day
Choose a launch time depending on your time zone
Schedule your launch
Join relevant Facebook/Slack groups for your product
Get your website ready
Prepare social media posts to announce your launch
Create a waiting list for your product and collect emails
Import your Linkedin contacts and add them to your database for the launch day
Promotion / Launch day offer
Clear the launch day for your customer success team

📌 Launch Day

Let your subscribers know about the BIG day
Asking your sincere friends to leave a comment/review
Get early votes as soon as you launch
Answer all your launch comments ASAP
Announce your launch in the different founder/startup communities.
Update your website with a banner and add the PH Badge
Share your PH progress on social media at intervals throughout the day
Keep an eye out for mentions on social media and engage with them

📈 Post-Launch

Analyse your launch metrics
Share your results and learnings with your users and followers
Write a blog post
Add your product to Product Hunt collections
Add your product as an alternative to similar products on Product Hunt
A more detailed blog post about your product hunt experience

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