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Financial and Business Model Template - Simple and powerful financial model template for startups | Product Hunt

📈 Get the Numbers Right.

A simple and easy-to-use business and financial modelling template to get a clear snapshot of your business. Powered by Google Sheets 📊

Who is this for?

For Indie Makers / Solo Founders

Makers and solo founders wanting to test and validate the financial and business side of starting a startup.

For Founding Teams looking to raise investment

Early-stage startups who are seeking to raise funds, build an advisory team or seeking to apply for any accelerator to build and scale their startup.

One Dashboard with a complete snapshot!

Input your values to test your assumptions and validate your hypothesis.

Simple and Powerful Business Model Builder

Business and Financial Model builder to get your head around your numbers and assumptions.

Get your EOY Revenue and User Statistics

Input your customer MoM/YoY growth and churn rates and see where your analytics stand.

Basic Valuation and Equity Calculator

See how much your company is worth and how much you own.


Priced for most value!

Financial + Business Model Template


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Why this template?

Simple - This is the easiest financial model to rapidly put together a business and financial model for your business. You can use this to run it by your co-founders, mentors, advisors and potential investors.

Can I share this with my team?

Yes - The model is built on Google Sheets for maximum collaboration. You can literally share it with anyone and manage access control. You can also download a copy for Microsoft Excel compatibility.

Do I need any previous experience?

Not really - We put our maximum effort to make it as simple as possible for founders with minimum understanding.

Any other questions?

Feel free to reach out to us at hello@founderskit.tools.

This template by any means is NOT financial advice. The template is ONLY a representation and MAY/DO NOT reflect any original performance. For Representation purposes ONLY. We (Founders' Book) are NOT liable for anything.