Move forward in your startup journey.

Founders' Book + Startup OS = πŸš€

Again... Startup OS is a process. Not just pages & templates.

One singleΒ NotionΒ workspace building the foundations of your startup and support from idea β†’ concept β†’ MVP β†’ business.



Got a big idea? it's now the best time to turn into a profitable startup



From launching your product to launching on PH and beyond, we've got you covered



All activities you'll ever need to grow your startup. Ready to be executed

Your bulletproof workspace

Startup OS combines the power of all your most frequently used apps in one place!

Startup OS Dashboard

+ Many more

See all databases in action. Startup OS is the most organised and connected way to plan, build and grow your startup, whatsoever!

Startup OS Databases

+ Benefits of building in Notion

Looks beautiful, just like you

Formatting is not an issue anymore. Thanks to Notion, templates look beautiful and ready to be shared & viewed on every device.

Add your thoughts in seconds

Easy to customize, edit, and track changes and pivots. Add thoughts and make changes anywhere, even in the bathroom. It’s that simple!

Works in the dark too!

You won’t be blinding yourself, your co-founder, team, or investors! All your templates are fully compatible with light & dark modes. It’s up to you to save your eyes.


Get Founders' Book + Startup OS

We won't ship anything if that doesn't support your startup journey. Promise! We've also bundled Startup OS with Founders' Book to learn + launch your startup!

Founders' Book


Price in USD, taxes included.

🧳 Lifetime access to Founders' Book

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⏰ Save 200+ hours of research

πŸ‘©πŸ»β€πŸ’» Non-Technical founder /

Solopreneur friendly

🀝 Get priority support

Founders' Book + Startup OS


Price in USD, taxes included.

πŸš€ Lifetime access to Startup OS and Founders' Book


πŸ“š Everything in Founders' Book

πŸ”‘ All future updates to Founders' Book and Startup OS

🀝 Get priority support

Bundle and save $27

The Bundle


For the first year then $99/year. Price in USD, taxes included

πŸ’Έ Save up to $500k on startup deals and credits


πŸ’Ό Everything in Founders' Book +

Startup OS

πŸ”‘ Access to all future updates

Bundle and save $124

Founders' Book

#1 Platform for first-time founders and early-stage startups

Startup OS is brought to you by our partnership with Notion Startup OS who are the original creators of the template.


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