Glossary / Beta Release

Beta Release

A beta release is a version of a software or product that is made available to a limited number of users for testing and feedback purposes. It is typically the second phase of software testing, following the alpha release. During the beta release, the software is considered to be feature complete, meaning that all the planned functionalities have been implemented. However, it may still contain bugs or other issues that need to be identified and fixed before the final release. Beta releases are often used to gather user feedback and identify any remaining issues or areas for improvement. This feedback is valuable in making necessary adjustments and improvements to the software before it is released to the general public. Beta releases are usually made available to a select group of users, such as a closed group of testers or a specific target audience. This allows the developers to control the testing environment and gather focused feedback. Overall, the beta release is an important step in the software development process, as it helps ensure that the final product is stable, reliable, and meets the needs of its users.