Glossary / Acqui-hire


Acqui-hire, short for "acquisition hire," refers to a business strategy in which a company acquires another company primarily to gain access to its talented employees rather than its products or services. In an acqui-hire, the acquiring company is primarily interested in the skills, expertise, and experience of the employees of the target company. The acqui-hire strategy is commonly employed by technology companies, particularly startups, to quickly and efficiently expand their talent pool. Instead of going through the lengthy and costly process of recruiting and hiring individual employees, the acquiring company acquires the entire target company, often shutting down its operations and integrating its employees into its own workforce. Acqui-hires can be mutually beneficial for both the acquiring company and the employees of the target company. The acquiring company gains access to a pool of talented individuals who can contribute to its growth and innovation, while the employees of the target company often receive attractive compensation packages and the opportunity to work on more exciting projects within a larger organization. However, acqui-hires can also be controversial, as they can result in the dissolution of the target company and the loss of its products or services. Additionally, some critics argue that acqui-hires can create a culture of instability and job insecurity, as employees may be seen as expendable assets rather than long-term investments. Overall, acqui-hires are a strategic approach to talent acquisition that allows companies to quickly and efficiently expand their workforce with skilled individuals.